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 In Memory of Thomas Hess...

… is the distinctive face,  the unmistakable head and kind heart and soul the of the enterprise. In 2016 the company celebrates it's 25th anniversary and for him, being the founder, leader and lead thinker of IH Security it is also a personal celebration. For 25 years  Thomas Hess and IH Security are a unit. This is good and and will remain so.




Heidrun Vogler …

 …  is also celebrating her 20th anniversary in 2016. Congratulations. She is responsible for personnel planning and the duty rosters of the assistants and workers on site. She has an overview of all teams and knows who is where, when and of course why. As manager in carge and project leader on site she ensures smooth and safe operations at various events. Privately she lovingly cares for her horses.
E-Mail: vogler@ih-security.de




 In Memory of Randolf „Icke“ Aigner …

… a man from the first hours of IH (he is with the team since 1996) he is celebrating his 20 anniversary on stage. As our chief logistic person and guardian of grates  and  post 'Icke' is personally acquainted with all material. He makes sure that all material on stock is in perfect shape. His own spiffy inventions have pleased many a customer.  As trucker with his 4-legged copilot Bonita he ensures punctual delivery of the required equipment.




Wiebke Engel …

 …is project manager and assistant to the director. She has nerves of steel, enormous creativity and knows that the impossible is possible in no time at all. She likes the action and knows nothing else because she got her vocational training with IH in 2003 and was awarded by the chamber of industry and commerce. When the job is done she likes it a little quieter.
 *;-) E-Mail: engel@ih-security.de


Thorsten Lux


Thorsten Lux…

 … is project manager and pulls the threads in the background and at the front. He joined IH in 2020 and is already "part of the family".
E-Mail: lux@ih-security.de


Ricardo Henning


Ricardo Hennig…

 ... als Teamplayer fühlt er sich auf allen Ebenen der Projektabwicklung "zu Hause". Er unterstützt im Back-Office, steht Kunden bei der Projektabwicklung zur Seite und ist immer da anzutreffen, wo etwas zu tun ist, auch wenn es darum geht die Ärmel hoch zu krämpeln und anzupacken.

E-Mail: hennig@ih-security.de

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